Rising Country Artist, Chris Lane, Talks CMA Fest, Memories, and New Music

Rising Country Artist, Chris Lane, Talks CMA Fest, Memories, and New Music

On the even of CMA Fest, I had a chance to catch up with rising star, Chris Lane, and talk a little bit about his new music, most memorable moment from the year, and his favorite part of CMA Fest. The Broken Windshield View singer has had a lot of success this year being named an Artist to Watch by TheBoot.com, Sporify, and CMChat. His debut single has sold over 11,000 downloads and skyrocketed up the iTunes charts into the Top 5. He’s toured with mainstream heavy hitters like FGL, The Band Perry, and Chase Rice (just to name a few). Needless to say, Chris Lane is a name that should be on your radar.


Check out our interview below!

Is this your first time performing at CMA Fest?

This will be my second time, however, last year I got rained out. So we’re praying for no rain this year!


What’s exciting about performing a big festivals like this compared to being on the road as an opener?

It’s all fun, but with the festivals, you get to be out there with all your friends. To be able to see people like Thomas Rhett, FGL, and Brett Eldredge, it makes it even more exciting. I’ve had the opportunity to be at festivals with my friends a lot this year and it’s been great!


When you’re in front of an audience for such a short amount of time at things like this, what do you want the audience to walk away thinking?

Just that we put on a fun show! We try to go as high energy as possible, and hopefully that’s what people take away from it, you know? That Chris Lane is NOT boring on stage. (laughs)


You’ve had a lot of success this year with iHeartRadio feature and Broken Windshield View doing so well, not to mention opening for acts like Florida Georgia Line, what would you say has been one of your favorite moments of the year?

Being able to go out on tour with FGL and Nelly was one of the biggest highlights for me. It’s easily one of the best experiences, to be able to go out and get that exposure. For me it was a huge learning process, being able to see those guys perform every night at a high level it made me want to up my game as well.


Are you working on a new EP right now?

Yeah with Joey Moi who worked on records for FGL and Jake Owen. I’m just hoping to take these songs and have some of the same success that those guys have had. That would be amazing.


What can we expect to hear on the EP?

Recently, within the last couple months, we’ve been in the studio trying to find a sound. It hasn’t been easy, but I feel like we’ve finally found it and are all over it right now. And I’m really excited for these new songs, the ones I’ve been writing recently… it just feels good to finally see it coming together. We’ve even gone back and re-recorded some songs so that they fit with the new feel we have going. It’s good, I feel like I have a lot to look forward to and I can’t wait for people to hear it.


Will you be performing any of those at CMA Fest this week?

I actually will NOT. I’m trying to keep all of those a secret (laughs).


You’ve just recently release Your Own Kind of Beautiful, what was the inspiration behind that?

We released that for the iHeartRadio contest and I’m still not sure we’re going to include that on the EP. But that song has such a positive message and the music was really cool to me. It was one of the first songs that we recorded and it’s been around for a while, but as we start figuring things out, we decided to release it as an exclusive so people could get a taste of what we’ve been working on. I’ve been saying for a while, “new music is coming soon!” and people are always asking for it.  It’s hard to be patient, because I want people to hear all these songs, but it had to be the right time. So I’m thankful that we didn’t rush into it but found a way to give the fans something new.


Do you have any big summer plans?

I’m doing a bunch of festivals this summer, but we’re working on a fall tour right now, and I can’t say who it will be with but it’s going to be really fun. That’s definitely something to look forward to!


What are you most looking forward to at CMA Fest?

Just meeting a lot of new people. This week there are so many people from all over the world. I’m going to be doing signings and playing on Saturday, so hopefully people that have never seen me play before will be able to come out and I’ll get to meet them.

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