EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Kalsey Kulyk Debuts Sunshine Doused Kiss-Off Single “Rewind”

EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Kalsey Kulyk Debuts Sunshine Doused Kiss-Off Single “Rewind”

Up-and-coming singer/songwriter, Kalsey Kulyk, brings a unique sense of positivity to every track she touches. As a storyteller, she paints even some of the hardest situations we all experience in a light of strength and hope, a talent that radiates through every second of her new single, Rewind. At only 19, she moved to Las vegas to work with famed record producer, Richard Dashut (Fleetwood Mac), developing the sunny sound that landed her a record deal with Phaymis Records. Since then, she’s released two EP’s and developed a loyal fanbase that believe in her mantra of Sing And Be Heard as much as they believe in her. For a young woman that has been through so much, from a battle with childhood cancer, to moving to the US from Canada to follow her dream, it’s a lesson in perseverance to hear the beauty and strength in each on of her songs.

A unique take on heartbreak, “Rewind” possesses a lush sound with big percussion, untamed banjo, and warm vocals that bring a sweet and sunny Americana feel front and center. Poignant lyrics paint a picture of someone finally saying goodbye to the heartbreak and chaos left behind by a past love, joyously turning their back on nights of longing and crushed dreams, taking an otherwise painful experience and washing it in hope. Kalsey’s tender, romantic vocals melt over the sweeping chorus, infusing the crescendo of harmonies with her trademark positivity. In the midst of a flippant dismissal of Mr. Wrong, she finds peace and courage within herself, a message that is equal parts inspiring and energizing. Without a doubt, it’s jaunty enough to make you want to wave your arms in the air and dance in an empty field, but tender enough for those of you that want to connect deeply with your feeling of hurt and loss. In short, it’s an exciting melodic journey with an authentic country-meets-bluegrass feel, and one you won’t want to miss!

I was lucky enough to be the first to share this infectious track with country music fans, and I couldn’t be more excited for you to hear it. Learn more about the song straight from Kalsey below and be sure to listen to the EXCLUSIVE premiere of “Rewind,” now!

What inspired you to want to become a performer and a songwriter?
It’s something that has been in me since I can remember. But when I got sick I realized that life is supposed to be about being happy and doing what you love.
Tell me the story behind your new single, “Rewind,” and the message behind it?
Rewind was written to remind people that even though they could be going through the worst things in life they just have to look at the positives. I’m all about looking at the bright side 🙂
Your style has such a distinct mix of sounds, how would you describe your music to someone that hadn’t listened to it?
Well I grew up on old and new country music and worked with a rock producer for a few years so I would have to say it’s a bit of those three things.
What is your songwriting process like? What experiences and emotions tend to show up in your songwriting the most?
It really all depends. Sometimes someone will say a certain word that just triggers something in my brain and I’ll immediately start writing. Other times it’s about an experience I’ve been through or if I’m playing guitar I’ll just start singing what comes into my head.
What do you hope that people take away from your songs?
The whole reason I do what I do is to connect with my audience. I want the words and feelings I put into my songs to resonate with them in anyway possible. If my songs help people feel like we’re all in this life together then I’ll feel like I’ve done something good.
Who are some artists that you’ve looked up to throughout your career? How do you feel those artists have influenced you?
When I was younger I loved Shania Twain but as I got older and really started to explore I was really enamored by a variety of different people for different things. From Michael Jackson to Joni Mitchell. So many I can’t list them all. They really just taught me to be myself and be honest. If you don’t believe in yourself then no one will.
You live by the mantra, “Sing and be heard,” how did that come about and what do you hope people take away from it? 
SING AND BE HEARD is really about letting the true you shine. Every single person has a story; don’t be afraid to tell yours.
There’s a lot of talk about women in country music right now. What does it mean to you to be a woman in the genre and what issues do you feel like you face day-to-day?
The women in country music are empowering and that’s what matters most. I think they resonate with their audience and if I can do that then I’ll be happy. There isn’t much I can’t handle when it comes to issues. The thing I constantly remind myself is to stand up for my music and what I believe in everything will fall into place.
Now that “Rewind” is out, what’s up next for you? 
I’ll be going on a radio tour and then to country music city, Nashville, TN to promote REWIND in the U.S., perform and spread my story!
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