Exclusive Premiere: Crimson Calamity Debut Anti-Bullying Anthem “Heart of Steel”

Exclusive Premiere: Crimson Calamity Debut Anti-Bullying Anthem “Heart of Steel”

Since the moment I first heard Crimson Calamity I fell in love with their high-energy, harmony-infused music. In fact, I featured an interview with them just after their debut EP “All In The Cards” was released back in February. From their unique style to their emotional, explorative songwriting, I’ve been singing their praises to anyone that will listen. Their newest single, the anti-bullying anthem Heart of Steel sees their talent for conveying emotional trauma into deeply moving lyrics and haunting instrumentation truly flourish.

Promo2_crimsonThe track doesn’t stop at the beauty it possesses, Mallory Trunnell and Lauren Harding are using their talents as songwriters to raise awareness for the “Love Is Louder” movement. With each download sold of Heart of Steel on BandCamp, Crimson Calamity will donate the proceeds to the  “Love Is Louder” campaign, a project of the JED Foundation and MTV. “Love Is Louder” is a movement of all types of people who have come together to raise the volume around the message that love and support are louder than any internal or external voice that brings us down.

I’m excited to share this track with my readers and tell you about the campaign that’s set to follow. In addition to raising money for the cause, Crimson Calamity are asking fans, friends, and family to share their stories of overcoming adversity and finding beauty within themselves. These stories will be posted on social channels with the hashtag #MyHeartOfSteel. For more information on how to participate in their “Heart of Steel” campaign, be sure to check their official website and all social channels and submit your own story to be part of the movement.

Check out Crimson Calamity’s new single, Heart of Steel, below! Let me know about your story in the comments or tweet me @JukeboxMixtape using the hashtage #MyHeartOfSteel.


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