Weekend Spin: 5 Songs to Spice Up Your Friday

Weekend Spin: 5 Songs to Spice Up Your Friday


Fairground Saints – Turn This Car Around

You’ll find that when it comes to male and female harmonies, I’m typically going to lose my shit over it. So when I stumbled upon Fairground Saints this week, I kind of got really excited. They’re folk-rock style is simmering with gorgeous harmonies and sweet, meandering lyrics that will help you ease right into those weekend vibes. Their album comes out on August 21st, but you can pre-order it here.

Smooth Hound Smith – California Sway

This duo SLAYS me. I happened to catch them by accident when they performed at ACME Feed & Seed last weekend, and I was absolutely blown away by their talent. They posses a bluesy, deeply authentic sound on top of pitch-perfect harmonies. It’s impossible not to take notice of them when they’re on the stage. They had people dancing and clapping and participating in ways that so many bands performing to a venue full of drinking and eating strangers can hardly ever inspire. Check out last years album and keep an eye on their tour dates.

Clark Manson – Track 9

I just got introduced to Clark Manson this week, and immediately upon hearing Track 9 I was reminded of another incredible country music hit. Clark’s single is the male spin on Taylor Swift’s breakout hit, Tim McGraw. The two could practically be talking about each other. The sweet southern sound melts like ice on a hot day, laid-back and reminiscent in all the right ways. The beauty of it, it doesn’t hit you over the head trying to be overtly country the way so many singles are right now on the radio. Download the single here and request it at your local radio station!


Sam Grow – Is It You

I had the pleasure of seeing Sam Grow perform last week, and let me tell you, this guy has a voice that could give blues and soul singers a run for their money. His unique voice is what will most definitely set him apart on a male dominated landscape where everyone virtually sounds the same. Is It You is a great introduction that will do well on radio alongside the Jason Aldean and Brantley Gilbert’s of the genre, but let me tell you… there’s even better things to come from this artist. You can purchase Is It You here, but go ahead and request it on XM’s The Highway as well!

Kayla Calabrese – Give

Give is exactly the kind of song fans of 90’s country have been missing. Kayla has a distinct JoDee Messina and Jessica Andrew’s vibe going on this up-tempo, feel good track about the power of giving back. One listen, and you’ll want to throw yourself back in to the hayday of females in country music. But when you do, don’t forget to throw Kayla on that playlist and spin this song a few more times. You can purchase the single here.


What songs will you be jamming to this weekend? Let me know @JukeboxMixtape or leave a comment below!

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