LIVE: Here’s what is so special about The Lone Bellow…

LIVE: Here’s what is so special about The Lone Bellow…

Music was my first love. It was, by all definitions, the first relationship I ever had. I found comfort in it, I got mad at it, I cried and I laughed, and it allowed me to discover a security and confidence in myself that I never had before. All the makings of a successful relationship. One that nourishes and elevates you. One that makes you a better person. I’ve been a fan of artists and bands that span a multitude of genres, I’ve been to countless shows and festivals, and I have both miserable and amazing memories attached to songs that have defined who I am.

But I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve come across a band, or a piece of music, that seems to reflect a piece of my soul back at me. A soulmate, if you will. I believe that people that love music have these moments, when they’re sitting in an audience and something magical happens, and they allow this piece of them to give way to the melody, the community, the band. This is how it was, and has been, since I first discovered The Lone Bellow. If I could assign lyrics and melody to my life and my soul, it would be everything that they have created.

They have a powerful effect on people. I’ve come to realize that this isn’t just me. On Wednesday, September 17th, they stepped onto a small stage at American Legion Post 82 in East Nashville to play a secret show. Never in my life have I been in crowds with people and felt such electricity moving through the room – they know every howl, every stomp, every refrain. If Bellow stops singing, the crowd will finish every word, in perfect pitch and wild harmony. It’s one of those unique moments where a room full of vastly different souls align and find comfort in the same thing. A moment that I wish I could accurately capture and describe, but I think it’s one of those things where you have to be in the room, and you have to share the moment with all of us.

I’ve been going to shows for Americana Fest all week, but this one left a lasting impression, and that doesn’t surprise me. Opener Hugh Masterson (and new Nashvillian) got the crowd revved up for what was to come next and made a fan out of me in the process. It was so great to see The Lone Bellow take the stage in my new home – a Nashville moment I won’t soon forget.

A huge thank you goes out to We Cause A Scene for blessing Nashville with such a magical night. It could not have been better.

Hugh Masterson


Hugh Masterson










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  1. got chills and am in almost tears reading about this show – i LOVE the lone bellow and their live shows are magical! i can’t wait to see them again <3

    • JukeboxMixtape

      I so agree. From the first time I saw them I was completely hooked. They are truly something special! Thanks for visiting the site!

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