The new must-hear song from UK talent Johnny Ashby

The new must-hear song from UK talent Johnny Ashby

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There are some artists that just manage to get better with time, Johnny Ashby, though young in his career, is already one of them. His previous album “The Cannonball Days EP” was a reflective, acoustic based collection of songs that captured the essence of growing older, falling in love, and falling apart. It remains one of my favorite indie music EP’s of 2015 and I still find myself throwing it on in the car all the time.

But his newest song, “The Hurricane,” is a welcome departure from his previous sound, and I mean that in the best way possible. The anthemic single is a full throttle adventure of sound that showcases little pieces of influences like U2 and Ryan Adams, while holding strong to his unique songwriting aesthetic. Ashby is still very much present in the material, even as he deviates from his acoustic roots he takes with him the essence of his songwriting, a reflective and almost poetic style that remains cohesive even as he explores the light grunge, rock style of music. It suits him and his vocals, always a low growl, that mixes with the slamming drums and screaming electric guitars in a natural harmonic way.

One thing is certain, “The Hurricane” makes me excited about what is coming next from Ashby. And after getting a sneak peak at another song off the new EP, “Give Me Your Love,” I think fans are going to be pleasantly surprised by this intense new sound.

“The Hurricane” will be out on September 25th with a new EP to follow on November 6th. Be sure to check him out!



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