5 songs you probably want to start listening to immediately

5 songs you probably want to start listening to immediately



Lindsay Ell – By The Way

This song is making its way steadily up the country music charts, and it’s about time, since Ell has been pounding the pavement hard on the Nashville scene for years. This hooky tune is a mix of Keith Urban’s sun shiny instrumentation and quintessential female attitude. It’s exactly what country radio needs to wake up from it’s female slump. The rambling banjo is enough to make you get up off your feet and start dancing to the bumping pop beat.


Allison Veltz – Set You Free

Allison Veltz won me over with one simple song when she performed during the Song Suffragettes round in Nashville a few weeks ago. She has a sound that feels like what would happen if Sara Bareilles met Alison Krauss. Lyrically impactful with understated vocal beauty. Immediately after seeing her perform I looked her up on Spotify and started listening to her EP “Welcome to Wonderland.” If this is any indication of what is to come, you’re going to want to donate to her fundraiser to make her next project happen. And you can do that here, right after listening to Set You Free.


Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown – Loaded Dice  & Buried Money

I’m stepping outside of the box for this one, but stay with me. This hard hitting rock n’ roll song will 100% have you moving before you even realize what hit you. While their previous releases held a little more blues, this is full throttled rock music that is impossible to stop listening to. Bryant has been touring since he was 15 years old, all throughout his home state of Texas, before coming to Nashville at 17 and forming The Shakedown. Their influences range widely across the rock genre, which you can feel in each and every one of their tracks. And bonus, they have a new EP, The Wayside, coming out on November 13th.


Tamara Laurel – Whiskey

I’ve been hearing the name Tamara Laurel around. In fact, I included her on a playlist a million years ago (back in 2014). So, it’s incredibly exciting to see this small town girl rising up the ranks of the music industry. Her new single, Whiskey, still possesses that subtle folk/country feel that caught my attention the first time around, but this time she packs an even bigger emotional punch. Comparing the man she loves to every dangerous addiction a person can have. The best part? The earthshaking finale that almost makes you feel like your heart was ripped out of your chest. This is the first single off her very first full length album, Runaway, which came out on October 16th.


Steel Union – Hold On To Me

I’m a huge fan of Rachel Potter, but I’m an even bigger fan of male/female duos and groups. Which, most of my long time readers totally know about me. So when she joined a band called Steel Union and they started performing in Nashville, I pretty much had a heartattack. Now, they’re one of the groups nominated for the Nash Next competition, which is aims to discover and release new music from the most promising Country musicians. Needless to say, this group has my vote 100%. And if you take a listen to the song below, I think you’ll find you want to vote for them, too.



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