Review: Smithfield’s debut EP is full of feel good songwriting moments

Review: Smithfield’s debut EP is full of feel good songwriting moments

What a time to be a fan of country music!IMG_6622

This week I was lucky enough to celebrate the release of Smithfield’s self-tilted EP. The Texan musicians, Trey and Jennifer, have been pounding that music industry pavement since 2011. They came to Nashville to continue chasing their dreams in 2012, and needless to say, it’s been a steady climb uphill from there. Their charismatic sass and spot on harmonies have captured the attention of industry vets and other performers, allow the two began opening for established artists like Scotty McCreery, Dustin Lynch, and Jana Kramer while taking the time they needed to truly develop their sound. And if their new EP is any indication, they full on defined it.

Rooted in contemporary country, with banging back beats and feel good lyrics, the duo ground themselves in catchy choruses and unforgettable lyrics. Their debut single, Good Ol Days, can easily find its place on the radio among the Luke Bryan’s and Dustin Lynch’s of the world. It’s one of those songs that inspires you to drive out to your friends bonfire and make some serious memories.  Along with that, there’s Cooler, an undeniably catchy song in the same vein as Little Big Town’s Pontoon. It’s filled with memories of sunshine and good times, and it transports you to moments on or near the water with such ease you almost forget we’re getting into those winter months.

And while they’ve got the hooky, pop-country sound down pat, they also manage to take moments away from that and dive a little deeper into the beautiful stories they’ve written. Hey Whiskey looks at drinking from another angle, the one that sees all the downsides to that person who has indulged in Whiskey a little too much. It’s a beautiful ballad that highlights Jennifer’s tender, high flying vocals. The final track on the EP, The Rust, is one of those incredibly touching ballads about the power of being loved for who you are. It is probably my favorite, if only for the beautiful songwriting that encompasses. You can’t go wrong with lines like, “Like a busted old Gibson with it’s worn out strings. With a little bit of fixin’ you can make me sing. It takes a steady hand, time to understand, just what to make of a girl like me.” 

This is an EP with a little something for a lot of different fans of country music. The talent behind this duo, their ability to hear something that will catch the ear of everyone else, is apparent in every single one of these songs.

Be sure to pick-up Smithfield’s debut EP right here and take a listen to one of my favorite songs below!


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  1. I saw them open for my pal Eric at 3rd and Lindsley earlier this year and bought some of their music after the show. Obsessed! Such a great sound.

  2. JukeboxMixtape

    They’re so great! It’s so awesome to see them getting some traction!

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