5 Songs you need to hear now

5 Songs you need to hear now


Dianna Corcoran – God Did Good

The self-produced track was written by Corcoran, Jeff Cohen and Kristian Bush, and is a country-rock love song about how ‘God did good’ creating the protagonist’s love interest. Corcoran has had success in her home country of Australia (the female Keith Urban, maybe?), but is bringing her guitar driven sound to America for the first time on her debut EP In America on January 29th, 2015. With a hooky single, this is one female artist you’re going to want to keep your eyes on. Visit her official website here.


Kaylee Rutland – The Gift of Giving

There’s nothing like a Christmas song that gets right into the spirit of giving. Rutland’s original song and first Christmas single is giving back 50% of the proceeds from the song to charity in support of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS). From the beautiful strings to the chiming of the bells, this song is sweet on your ears and kind on your spirit. Take a listen below, but don’t forget to purchase the single on iTunes to support LLS!

Callie Twisselman – Hung Me On The Line

There’s something so unique about Twisselman that you kind of have to spin this song a couple times to take it all in. She carries a mix of Ashley Monroe’s tender voice and Miranda Lambert’s rambling instrumentation that becomes completely addictive. The slap of the bass, the howling electric guitar, and that sweet steel guitar all come together for a truly authentically western inspired sound.


Shari Rowe – Family Gathering

Here’s another song that takes us back to the classic country meets bluegrass fusion that made people fall in love with Alison Krauss. Rowe has a soft, melodic voice that is so sweet you never want her to stop singing. It’s the perfect time, what with the Holiday’s here and now, to think about those special moments you share with your family when you’re all together. Rowe captures that effortlessly with this beautiful, swaying country song. You can purchase it on iTunes now!


Dallas Smith – Kids With Cards

Dallas Smith has proved that he can do the arena-country rock sound almost better than everyone else that’s currently doing it. He has a distinct edge to his voice and an understanding of how to tap into the frat party country listeners that want to feel understood, whether they’re driving around in their favorite car or gathering around a keg on the weekend. Smith knows exactly what they want to hear and he delivers. If you’re looking for a song to amp up your parties for Christmas, pop this in and see what happens.


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