Weekend Spin: 3 songs to add to your playlist

Weekend Spin: 3 songs to add to your playlist

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Dylan Scott caught my attention immediately with his high energy performance style and his unique voice. He sets himself apart from the many carbon copies that seem to pop up on the radio every single day by bringing back a sense of cowboy country in each and every song he’s released. With his newest single and video, Crazy Over Me, he proves his vocal prowess on a tender and heartfelt ballad. Shot in Jackson Hole, Wyoming the new video features picturesque views of snow capped Rocky Mountains, and was directed by Eric Welch. Check out his newest video for Crazy Over Me now!



Violet Delancey is exactly what we need in country music. Her effervescent bluegrass style is inundated with sweeping melodies and understated vocals that allow the story to stand center stage. From the billowing steel guitar to the rambling feel of the drums, she takes you on a journey with every chord and lyric of Lost Along The Way. The track is reminiscent of other phenomenal artists like EmyLou Harris and Alison Krauss, built on storytelling and an authentic visionary journey. Take a listen and be sure to check out her new album, When The Clock Strikes Midnight!

When the Clock Strikes Midnight is a modern album rooted in tradition; an album that takes the best of both worlds – the classic, left-of-center country music pioneered by Delancey’s idols, as well as the freshness and fierceness of a new songwriter who, after years of studying other people’s stories, is ready to spin some of her own – and rolls them into something new.


Head over to The Bluegrass Situation for a listen.


If you’re looking for a singer with an amazing voice and a track with an inspiring story, then look no further than IMAJ. Her dramatic new single, His Story, Her Story, is infused with mystical instrumentation and sense of undeniable strength. A song that is surrounded by the many stories of American military families, she honors our American heroes in a powerful and profound way. It’s a song that will set her apart from many of her peers and impress people searching for music with meaning. She’s toured with Kip Moore, Leann Rimes, and Gretchen Wilson – and with a single like this, I have a feeling we’re going to see a lot more of her. His Story, Her Story is off her brand new album, America’s Sweetheart, and you’ll want to check both of them out.






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