Brandon Stansell explores tragedy in the emotional video for “Dear John”

Brandon Stansell explores tragedy in the emotional video for “Dear John”

Every once in a while a song comes along that is as heartbreaking as it is exceptionally musical. That’s the only way I can describe Brandon Stansell’s emotional debut single, “Dear John.” The singer/songwriter, originally from Tennessee, taps into the exploration of heartache in a way that is earth shatteringly real. The track was produced by Nashville-based Bobby Blazier and Chris Rodriguez (who have worked with superstars like Leann Rimes, Faith Hill, and Keith Urban), and is a real-time tale about the loss of a first love.

Combined the overwhelming emotions with a tragic music video and it’s one of those ballads that could put Stansell in the stratosphere of emotional songwriters like Sam Smith and Adele. There’s something about the cinematic  display of losing a loved one that moves you from the start, and the music itself breathes this sense of sorrow, building a chaotic journey that all falls back on the power of healing.

With scenic downtown Los Angeles as its backdrop, Stansell’s emotional storytelling, a mix of direct to camera vocals interwoven with a cinema worthy narrative, the elements of the video combine to force listeners to feel the impact of a devastating loss. As viewers experience the tumultuous end of Stansell’s relationship, they follow him while he picks up the pieces and gathers the courage to carry on.

Check out the video for Brandon Stansell’s stunning first single, “Dear John” and head over to his official website for news about up-coming releases and shows.

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