Dylan Scott talks new music, country fans, and that Justin Bieber cover!

Dylan Scott talks new music, country fans, and that Justin Bieber cover!

Dylan Scott is on his way. The artist known for his perfect mix of traditional country and electric pop has made his mark leading into 2016. Currently on tour with Lee Brice and Tyler Farr for the Life Off My Years tour, he’s been busy watching, “Crazy Over Me” climb into the Top 40 on the country charts, and performing across the country. The deep baritone voice makes an immediate impact when you hear the opening lines to the down to earth single, singling Scott out as an artist with a distinctive, unique sound. It doesn’t stop there, his performance style radiates engagement and energy, rocketing his audience off of their feet within moments.

I had a chance to sit down with Scott during Nashville’s CRS week and talk about his new music, touring, and of course, Luke Bryan.



You have such a unique mix of sounds in your music. Who were some of your influences growing up in Lousiana? 

My hero growing up was Keith Whitley, and that’s about as country as you can get. My dad was in the era, that’s the kind of stuff he sang, so traditional country music. But I’m 25, so I also grew up listening to T-Pain, R Kelly, Maroon 5.. so at the end of the day i just like good music. If you came to a live show, we’ll do everything from Keith to Maroon 5, we cover it all.

You’re known for releasing these really amazing covers of Justin Bieber or Ed Sheeran, what draws you to those? 

They lyrics speak to me. I’ll be honest with you, I was in the gym and I was listening to his album, and it’s really good. He’s got really good songs on that album. But when “Love Yourself” came on, I was like “Wow, this is is really nice.” So I took a choir behind us and we shot a video for it (see the video below!), so it’s just fun the way the digital world is today. You can do anything you want to do and just put it out there.

You came to Nashville right out of high school, right?

Yes, I was very fortunate and blessed to come here right out of high school and have a record deal with Curb Records. Before I even moved, I had that. Going on 19 I came here and jumped right into things.

How did you get into the songwriting world?

Just meeting people. When you move here, that’s what so many people are doing, so some of your best friends end up being songwriters. I grew to have a huge passion for it. any time I’m in town and have a chance, I’m writing something.

What inspires you the most when it comes to writing?

I try to write about stuff that I’ve experience or plan to experience. Stuff I feel like the fans will relate to. I love entertaining. Sure, I love writing, I love singing, but I love entertaining. Seeing people dance or laugh or even cry. When I’m in the writing room I think about what I’m going to write about that will get that reaction from people.

Your performances are so high energy. When you look back on performers you look up to, who made youIMG_2365 want to perform that way? 

I’ll tell you exactly who, it was Luke Bryan. Luke was just busting onto the scene when I was still in high school and I’ll tell you this… I would sit in my bed at night and search his name. Back when he played clubs, at that time, he was starting to play some arena stuff. What I love about Luke is that he was real. He would get on stage, and it wouldn’t be an act, and he’d have a great time and smile and look at the people, mess with the people, bring them on stage. That’s what you have to do live. If you’re gonna just get up there and sing, they can put your album on the radio and do that, people want something different. Even me as a fan, when I go to a show, I want to see something different.

Like last night, I was performing and someone in the audience yelled “HEY, wear my hat!” so I grabbed it and put it on. It’s just fun things like that that make every night different that I love.

What makes country music so special for people?

The songs relate to people. It’s the way we grew up. People talk about the “dirt road songs,” well… I grew up riding dirt roads, so when I hear those but I don’t think “bro country” I think that’s what I did. Then you hear those old sad country songs and you can tap into moments of your life there, too. They’re easy to relate to. It’s a lot of humble people and I think others recognize that.

What can people expect off your up-coming album?

I like to reach out to everybody, so there’s stuff as country as an old Keith Whitley song, and stuff that will have people saying “well that’s not real country.” We wanted something that was a little different, obviously songs that still match each other, but a different feel on each song. If you like old country it’s an album for you, same if you like new country.

What are you most looking forward to in 2016?

It’s the first of February and I’ve already had an amazing 2016. I made my Opry debut in January, finishing up my first album, and I’m on my very first tour. And, I have a top 40 single on radio. It’s only February, so even if nothing else happens the rest of this year it’s already one of the best years of my life. But hopefully in the next two months, I’ll look up and see that I have a top 30 or top 20 single, and more shows coming in. I can’t wait to hit the road!.


Be sure to check out Dylan Scott’s newest single, “Crazy For Me,” on radio now!


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