Get to know country music’s newest powerhouse Brooke Eden & “Daddy’s Money”

Get to know country music’s newest powerhouse Brooke Eden & “Daddy’s Money”

Brooke Eden brings attitude and sass to her debut single, “Daddy’s Money.” The gritty, frenzied and energetic track is an auto-biographical story that outlines her journey to Nashville and the hard work it took to get where she is today. It’s clearly striking a chord with country music listeners, with  Buzzfeed declaring it “Song(s) You Need In Your Life This January.” Further more, she’s on the radar of nearly ever huge publication and playlist, including “One to Watch” by Spotify, Myspace, CMT Listen Up, Sounds Like Nashville, Whiskey Riff, Nashville Gab and many more.

This girl is going places. And I’m excited to have been a stop on her incredible journey during CRS week.

unnamedOn her debut single “Daddy’s Money”: When I first came to Nashville I was actually splitting my time between Florida and Nashville. I would come here for a few months after working five nights a week in bars in Florida, saving my tips for songwriting and recording trips to Nashville. One of my good friends from the Muddy Magnolias, who actually wrote the song for me, always thought that I came from money. It was only when I mentioned how I was making my money that she realize, “Wow, I always just thought that you came from money.” I was actually so touched when she sent the song to me, because it was exactly who I was, and I immediately gravitated towards it.


On her influences: Obviously my dad was a huge influence on me when it came to hard work. He was out there grinding it all the time, a carpenter by day and a drummer by night as well as doing all these different side jobs. But I’ve always loved the strong women with big voices like Leann Rimes, Etta James and Jennifer Nettles. Then there are performers that are so confident on stage like Shania Twain


The best advice she ever got: I was ready to head off to Nashville, trying to decide if I should move or not, when my dad pulled me aside and said, “I don’t think you’re ready, you haven’t found your voice yet.” It was one of the hardest things I’d ever heard and I was really hurt about it. But, you know, I spent the next few years on stage trying to find my own style and my own voice. And I’ll never forget, two weeks before I was set to move to Nashville for good, my dad came out to see one of my shows and I saw him crying from the stage. I took a break and went over to him, asking him why he was crying. And he just said, “I’m so happy for you, you’ve really found your voice.” That turned into one of the best moment I can remember and I’m so thankful that he pushed me to take that journey.


On being a woman in country music: I’m so proud of being a woman in country music. I think a lot of other genres, you know, it can get very raunchy. I feel like with country music we’re very strong females that can have an opinion while still being classy. I’m surrounded by so many amazing females every day who are humble and constantly strive to be better. We rely on our talent rather than the way we look and we’re really starting to change things up. I’m excited and incredible thankful to be part of such an inspiring group of women.


On her up-coming EP: I’ve been working on the music for a while, and I think it’s got some great messages on it that women of today are really going to relate to. For instance, “Sunday Morning” is a song about not settling for less than you deserve. The chorus says, “If I’m going to be your Saturday night, I’d better be your Sunday morning.” Then I have another track that’s all about being okay with not being married by 22 and just living in the moment you have. A lot of women have these expectations of their life, and I know I did, but I wouldn’t be where I am right now if I had stuck to those expectations – and it’s okay to take a different path while you figure yourself out.

Check out Brooke’s lyric video for  “Daddy’s Money” below and be sure to jet over to iTunes and pick up a copy of the single to have on repeat whenever you need that extra boost of confidence.

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