Get to know Sarahbeth Taite & her old-school 90’s vibes

Get to know Sarahbeth Taite & her old-school 90’s vibes

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Singer/Songwriter, Sarahbeth Taite, is an artist that prides herself on immersing real life experiences into every moment of her music. A master at taking little moments in life and crafting them into beautifully melodic storytelling, she’s been writing since she we was a teen, and counts the process as one of her favorite things about being a musician. Her newest single, “He Loves Me” is a welcome throwback to the heartfelt, female-foward songs that came out of the 90’s. Her soft country accent flows over the rambling beat, a sweet mix of understated pop and impactful country moments that will effortlessly earworm into your mind.

Learn a little bit more about Sarahbeth Taite below and be sure to check out her single and self-titled debut EP!

Your music is such a throwback to the heyday of women in country music during the late 90’s with some modern twists. Who are some of your biggest influences and how have they had an impact on your sound? There are so many artists that I’ve been impacted by! But Dolly Parton is definitely at the top of that list, I’ve always been inspired by her songwriting and who she is as a person. Shania Twain was a big influence for me as well, I love taking notes on how her songs are produced. I’ve always tried to keep my traditional country sound, but make it something new and unique.
When did you know you wanted to become an artist? What was one of your earliest experiences with songwriting? I was singing in front my mirror with a hairbrush ever since I can remember! I’m not from a musical family at all, both of my parents are in the medical field, so this career path was definitely not expected… But I think as soon as I realized there were artists and songwriters making a career out of their music, I knew that was all I wanted to do. I used to look up the songwriters to my favorite country songs, and I started sitting down to write my own by the time I was 11. I will spare you and not sing those first songs!
You moved to Nashville to pursue your dream. What has been one of your favorite “Nashville” moments since you moved here? One of my favorite things was getting to attend the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame induction in 2015. It is such an amazing night honoring songwriters, and I am always in awe of the talent and success of people in this business. Nashville always has amazing things going on, there have been so many fun moments here so far!
Tell me a little bit about the inspiration behind your new single “He Loves Me.” When I sat down to write that day, I was in a place where I’d been putting too much weight on one relationship and one person that I loved. I finally got to a point where I was tired of letting that somebody drag me down. So “He Loves Me” is just what came out that day, and I’m so grateful that it did!
You have some pretty exciting opportunities coming up in 2016, what are you most excited about? Tough question! There are so many cool things coming up this year, but I’m probably most excited about being on The Music City Live Tour this summer sponsored by ASCAP and Logan’s Roadhouse. We are going to be touring around the Southeast, and I am really excited to get more music out there to fans and be playing live every weekend.
What songs are you currently obsessed with? My favorite songs are always fluctuating, but here are some that I love right now! Make You Miss Me – Sam Hunt, Half Empty – Old Dominion, The Fool – LeeAnn Womack (always on my list), Dear Future Husband – Meghan Trainor, Strawberry Wine – Deanna Carter (also always on my list)

Huge thanks to Sarahbeth Taite for taking the time to talk with me. Follow her on Twitter and Facebook now!


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