This cover of CAM’s “Burning House” will blow your mind

This cover of CAM’s “Burning House” will blow your mind

If I’m being honest, I’m not a big fan of the movement in music where people are constantly covering new songs on YouTube/Instagram/whatever. But every once in a while, a cover comes along where the artists manages to turn the track into something completely new, erasing your memories of the original experience and allowing you to fall in love for the first time all over again. That’s exactly what happens on Aaron Krause & EZA’s electro-pop version of Cam’s unforgettable debut single, Burning House.

An all together otherworldly, atmospheric sound infiltrate the subdued and emotional beginnings of this expansive track. As EZA’s voice meanders searchingly across the melody, you can feel her building a whole new world of emotions into an already heartbreaking story, the foundation of which is built on an aching emptiness. The bass hits on the second verse, coming as something of a surprise after the quiet, hopeless feeling that came before. It heightens the moment, crafting an unforgettable yet highly understated pop version of an already incredible song.

Aaron Krause will  be at Mercy lounge in Nashville on March 3rd. After checking out this track, you’re probably going to want to grab some tickets.

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