Tomato Sass – An empowering platform for women in the music industry to  launches April 1st

Tomato Sass – An empowering platform for women in the music industry to launches April 1st


Since 2015’s Tomato-gate scandal there has been a lot of chatter world wide about women and their place in the music industry. While the attention to female artists and a focus to shifting radio airplay has been an undertaking in-and-of itself, the trials and tribulations of women industry wide still remain in the dark. That’s why I’ve decided to launch Tomato Sass.

Tomato Sass is a first of it’s kind community. An online platform where women can speak their minds, empower each other, and stand together as we navigate through the uncertain waters of the music industry. Through in-depth interviews, educational question and answer sessions, and a whole lot of positive conversations – Tomato Sass is committed to bringing awareness to the tools and issues that drive success. We want to help women realize that the path to independent freedom as a music professional is all within our reach.

I’m so proud to say I have a team of females that are on board with this message, ready and willing to share their thoughts, stories, and advice to anyone that wants to step into our world. The timing couldn’t feel any better – when Taylor Swift won Album of the Year at the Grammy Awards last night and became the first woman in the history of the show to win that particular award twice, it was clear to me that all the passion for this project is being funneled in the right direction. It’s a cross-genre issue that doesn’t just stop at being an artist. If we take a look around, there are a handful of women in top executive roles within the industry, and rather than just bringing awareness, we want to be part of the solution.

On April 1st Tomato Sass will launch worldwide – celebrating, educating, and inspiring women to step into the spotlight and climb the ladder to their dreams. Hell, if they can’t climb the ladder, we want to be part of the team that gives them the confidence to build one. With the help of industry veterans, female and male, we want to aid everyone on their journey to success.

On March 11th, WHO KNEW Nashville is hosting an incredible panel called WOMEN WHO ROCK. Jukebox Mixtape, in conjunction with Tomato Sass, are excited to be apart of what I hope is the beginning of a new conversation for women all over the country. We cordially invite you to join us throughout this groundbreaking evening, hearing from industry professionals like CMT’s Leslie Fram, Rounder Records Tracy Gershon, MAC Presents Marcie Allen and so many more amazing women.

Purchase your tickets here and come join the conversation.



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