Hailey Whitter’s “One More Hell” deserves your CMT voting attention

Hailey Whitter’s “One More Hell” deserves your CMT voting attention

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Hailey Whitters had me at her first note. The extraordinary songwriter is unafraid to wander through really tough topics with unflinching honesty. It’s that fearlessness that made me fall completely in love with her when I saw her at The Basement right after moving to Nashville. In a world of carbon copy, radio radio songs that don’t have a ton of substance, she is a breath of fresh air. One of those artists who become unforgettable, mostly because of what they have to say, and the way they say it.

Not going to lie, I loved every song she played that night, but I actually started crying when she ventured into One More Hell. She captures the frustration and anguish of losing someone you love, but puts this subtle spin of hopefulness on it. Every experience throughout this song is so real that it actually transported me to that place in my life again. Some days I have to skip over it on her phenomenal album, Black Sheep, because it’s just too much for my emotionally overloaded brain. Somedays it’s exactly what I need to hear and remember. Not surprisingly, she didn’t dance around the subject of losing her brother in the heartbreaking video for the single. It’s currently in need of your votes on CMT, and if anything deserves your attention, it’s this. Please watch, vote, and pay attention to this amazing young woman.

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