Spotlight: Sister C make sweet music on debut EP “Demo Sessions, Vol. 1”

Spotlight: Sister C make sweet music on debut EP “Demo Sessions, Vol. 1”

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With Tomato Sass coming up, it’s been difficult to toggle back and forth for a bit, but I promise I’m not giving up on my search for new artists and shows in Nashville. In fact, I’ve been stock piling things that I want to write about and developing a small list of artists that I’ve just been dying to share. One of those at the top of the list is Sister C.

The Texas-born group of sisters create an honest and authentic storytelling style on their EP, Demo Sessions. Vol. 1. Between the stellar harmonies and overflowing instrumentation, they tell relevant stories in beautiful lyrical detail. It’s impossible not to be obsessed with every one of the five tracks, including the opener, This Bar Ain’t Big Enough. It captures the heartache of running into an ex in a way that speaks to exactly the sort of situation you’d find in a small town or city, particularly Nashville. The blues inspired, Even a Broken Heart Beats, is dripping with vocal honey that pours over every note of the melody with warmth and intensity. The banjo-fueled Take Me To The Water is the perfect sunshine-filled, summer hit. It’s a throwback to the Dixie Chick days, with a subtle hint of bluegrass, and a whole lot of fun. Cry Tomorrow is an aching, atmospheric display of pure harmonic magic. But it all comes to an amazing end with the insightful, Faint of Heart, an on point track about what it’s like to be a woman in a world of male dominated careers and politics. To say it’s one of my current favorite songs would be an understatement. This track is AMAZING.

By now, everyone knows that I’m all about that girl power. Take it from me, this is one EP you’re not going to want to miss.


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