Women in Country: Natalie Stovall slays on new record “Heartbreak”

Women in Country: Natalie Stovall slays on new record “Heartbreak”

IMG_7889Every once in a while an artist comes along that transforms the strength, perseverance, and excitement of the musical journey into beautifully constructed, high energy music. Natalie Stovall and The Drive have done just that. She’s taken the hard moments of the past couple years and put together the EP, Heartbreak, that taps into real emotion and showcases the obstacles she’s come up against. Not to mention her ability to take rough times and put a positive spin on them.

At her 3rd and Lindsley EP release party on February 23rd, she highlighted these incredible songs with a vivacious energy in an explosive showcase. It included new songs, older songs, and some friends that have helped her along the way including Ruthie Collins, Post Monroe, Hailey Steele, and Australian newcomer Nikita Karmen. If you were looking for a night that screamed girl power, you found it in this women, and every song they came on stage felt like a gift of empowerment to the audience.

Stovall’s Heartbreak  EP is aggressive, powerful country music that highlights the vocals as much as it does the instrumentation. The title track meanders outside of the meaning you’d usually think about, tackling the desolation and disheartening feeling that musicians experience every day, those moments when it feels like maybe their dreams are falling apart. Stovall and team wrote this when the band got dropped from Hit Shop last year.Their loss, right? Because the further you get into this EP, the more the talent of every member comes forward. We Are takes the heartbreak and turns it into an anthem of strength and hope, zeroing in on the importance of believing in yourself, with wild fiddle and pounding drums. Dear Dolly, a songwriting collab with Ruthie Collins, is a letter to Dolly Parton asking for advice on being a woman in country music. It’s touching, real, and one of my current IMG_7905favorite things in the whole musical world. There’s the funky, sitting-on-the-lake party song, Not Goin Fishin’, which seems to be Pontoon Part 2, and I’m not mad about it. The throwback, blues-infused rock track, Girl Tonight, will get you moving and wanting to sing at the top of your lungs. The only ballad to be found on the EP is Pour You Out, a heartbreaking lyrically transformative track about saying the final goodbye to an old love.

Every track brings something unique to the table, the layers of fiddle, mandolin, guitar, and drums give everything a distinctly country vibe, while Stovall’s powerhouse vocals bring everything into the now. I’ve been obsessed with Stovall since I first heard her, and now she’s making music that speaks to me on another level, and I couldn’t be more into it. Pick-up Heartbreak on iTunes now!


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