Weekend Spin: 5 songs you need to jam to this weekend

Weekend Spin: 5 songs you need to jam to this weekend

It’s that time again, the weekend is upon us. And boy, do I have some great tunes for you to kick it off with. Check out my five weekend picks below.


The Nightowls – Clean It Up (Play By The Rules)

They might not be a Nashville band, but their funky sound, recorded at Royal Studios in Memphis, Tennessee would make Al Green proud. Screaming horns and a grooving beat craft a track that is equal parts funk and jiving soul power. The 10-piece band provide a full and lush sound that layers on the party feel, transcending that retro vibe to provide a modern day James Brown sound. Once you hit play on this raucous track, you’ll know the weekend is about to get started. Be sure to check out their new EP Royal Sessions when it gets released on July 15th.

Sara Watkins – Move Me

Watkins, previously involved in groups Nickel Creek and Watkins Family Hour, is stepping out on her own with new track, Move Me. The emotional, hard hitting Americana Rock sound is a bit of a departure from anything she has released before, but it shows the artist coming into her own in a brand new way. A theme that will run rampant on her new full length release, Young In All The Wrong Ways. Self-described in a press release as a “breakup album with myself,” writing and recording these 10 intensely soul-baring songs was a means for her to process and mark the last couple years, which have been transformative. If anything, this video and track will get you charged and ready to tackle anything. Be sure to check out Young In All The Wrong Ways when it gets released on July 1st.



Laurel & The Love-Ins – Gonna Do

Connect with your inner rock goddess by listening to this new track from Laurel & The Love-Ins. The strident, retro-flashback will bring you way back to the days of the 1960’s, reminding you of the power and attitude that Janis Joplin brought to every song. It’s loud, brash, and full of fun – with everything from jangling piano to vibrating electric guitar that aims to get you moving. The track is the second release from the group’s forthcoming new record “Don’t Love Nobody” set to drop on June 24, 2016. Click play and get ready to shake it around your living room.


Horse Thief – Drowsy

This eye-opening song about the other side of addiction has one of those melodies that you can’t get out of your head. The rambling and introspective track dives deep into what it’s like to experience someone go through an addiction with no sign of return to normalcy, and though it’s heartbreaking, it’s undeniably good. I hadn’t heard of Horse Thief before this track popped into my inbox, but whether it’s their stellar songwriting or elusive folk-rock sound, there’s something incredibly great about their music. Check out Drowsy below and look out for their new album due out later this year.


Jill and Julia – Sounds

No surprise here, I’ve been a huge fan of these young women for years now. What’s truly incredible, is watching their sound grow up as they do. On this new track they’ve drifted from country to a folky americana rock vibe that’s equally electric and subtle. Luminous harmonies light up the chorus with heartbreaking emotional intensity, slamming into your heart and rocking you to your very core. It feels sprinkled with influences from bands like The Civil Wars and, one of my other favorite sister duos, First Aid Kit. If this track is any indication of where their music is going, you’re going to want to follow this journey. Check out the video below.


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