Artist Spotlight: The new band Lady A wants you listening to is Post Monroe

Artist Spotlight: The new band Lady A wants you listening to is Post Monroe

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The rise of the girl group is once again upon us. And I’m soaking in every moment of it.

The beautiful women of Post Monroe (comprise of Ashlee Hewitt, Shelby McLeod and Whitney Duncan) present a simmering down home country sound on their debut self-titled EP. With new female fronted groups popping up left and right, what they have that many of their peers don’t, is the fact that they navigated away from the pop country aesthetic that would guarantee them radio play. Instead, they opted for something real, a movement with artists in the industry that is gaining traction. While it’s not in your face, over the top pop music, it’s remains catchy and undeniably cohesive. Which we can probably thank both Lady Antebellum’s Dave Haywood and Chuck Ainlay for production that navigates away from pristine box-like sounds and opts more for what you might hear from sisters jamming on a front porch.

Their harmonies pack every chorus and fill beautiful moments of the melody in an effortless fashion that makes you want to close your eyes and just listen. Something like Lucky One, a backwards thank you letter to a woman for stealing a man away, showcases a twist in their songwriting that comes off like a breath of fresh air. Then there’s the lead single Red Hot American Summer, the perfect kick off to these hot summer months, the kind of song you build memories listening to. But when it comes to songwriting, my favorite is Dixie Dust, a song about being grateful for where you grew up and the memories your childhood granted you. It’s perfect for anyone that has ever moved away from home, but still misses the simplicity of being young and getting to know themselves.

Be sure to pick-up their EP, out now! 

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