Nashville Beat: The Voice’s Sarah Potenza hits Music City Roots on June 8th

Nashville Beat: The Voice’s Sarah Potenza hits Music City Roots on June 8th

Sarah Potenza was a breath of fresh air last season on The Voice, and now, she’s about to show us all what she’s made of. This year alone she’s played over 150 shows across the country with even more planned in the future. Since her stint on the show she’s recorded her newest album, MONSTER, due out on August 19th. Produced by Joe McMahan (Luella and the Sun), it’s a Nashville born and bred album, filled with some of our most prestigious musicians, including Potenza’s husband Ian Crossman, who also had a hand in songwriting.

The tracks are a fiery mix of Alabama Shakes meets Grace Potter, swampy vocals that howl and twist across blues-esque melodies, with lush harmonies vibrating explosive vocal energy across chorus and verse. It’s something special, and a true testament to the vocal talents of Potenza, with every song just another platform to showcase what she’s capable of.

Potenza will return to Nashville on June 8th to take the stage at a Female-fueled Music City Roots broadcast called “Diva’s of Roots Music.” The line-up includes The McCrary Sisters, Bonnie Bramlett and Christine Oilman. In a press release, MCR Executive Producer John Walker had this to say about the up-coming show, “We’ve had the divas concept on our wish list for some time now — so excited to feel the live power of this incredible lineup.”

Scoop your tickets up here and be sure to look out for new music from Sarah Potenza on August 19th.

While you’re at it, take a listen to her new single, THE MOUNTAIN. 

When: June 8th @ 7:30PM

Where: Music City Roots – The Factory At Franklin

Who: Diva’s of Roots Music featuring Sara Potenza


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