CMA Fest Interview: Macy Martin shares her heart on “Heart Sleeve Soul”

CMA Fest Interview: Macy Martin shares her heart on “Heart Sleeve Soul”

This is only Macy Martin’s second CMA Fest, but it’s clear to see that it won’t be the last. The young artist, who first came to Nashville following her dream at just 14 years old, has been working tirelessly on building a lasting career.  Her previous singles Baby What You Doin’ and Me With You steadily moved up the Music Row charts. But with her new single, Heart Sleeve Soul, fans will begin to hear the start of a new sound.Despite just graduating high school, Martin is jumping head first into a new project. All well setting up for a tumultuous few days at CMA Fest. We had the chance to grab her before the festival started and talk about everything from songwriting to Macy’s Toy Box.

This Texas girl came to Nashville with the intention of making a career with her voice. And she’s well on her way! Get to know Macy and be sure to check out her brand new single, Heart Sleeve Soul below!

On her musical journey: I was the kid that was always dancing and signing down grocery store aisles. After recording my first album the producer wanted to send some of the songs around. That was when we got a call from Kent Wells’ VP of Operations.  All those dreams and aspirations I’d had since I was 6 years old were possibly coming true. I was so nervous. But we ended up working with them and four years later every thing has come about so quick and wonderful. My team is like family to me and Kent is like a Godfather.

On her single Heart Sleeve Soul: I think we all have that moment where we sit staring at our phones with all these things we want to say but we don’t know if we should. I’m someone that wears my heart on my sleeve most of the time. That can be daunting when you first meet someone! It’s so real and raw. I kept carrying around the hook and the title to different writing sessions. But it was when I brought it up to Pete Sallis (of Maddie & Tae’s Shut Up And Fish) that something clicked. We rolled with it, it was such an easy and fun ride.

On her new music: We’re working on a new project, but it’s pretty secretive right now, we want it to be a surprise. It’s still me and the messages I usually have, but it’s a step up in material and sound. It’s a new Macy Martin.

On songwriting: Inspiration is so random and comes from everywhere. But the thing I look for most is something that’s authentic and real.  I’ve sat down so many times and said, ‘this might be a little weird and maybe even stupid,’ and then found that everyone was really excited about the idea. I think that’s the biggest thing, don’t be afraid to be vocal and share your voice. That goes without saying in everyday life, too.

On her charity Macy’s Toy Box:  I was apart of the Miss Texas Pageant organization and they have a mentoring program called Lonestar Princesses. I had all these great young ladies around me doing these amazing things. I wanted to do the same thing even at six years old. I was very lucky that I had such a surplus of toys, so my parents sat me down one day, and told me that the house was being taken over. We had to figure out a way to get rid of them.

We initially started donating to a local safe house for battered women and children as well as the police and fire department. Then the community got involved. It just grew from there. Now we work with Make a Wish, Ronald McDonald’s Toy House, a bunch of organizations that we love. It’s something I want to continue to grow and that I hold very close to my heart.

Be sure to check out Macy’s official site and learn more about Macy’s Toy Box here.


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