CMA Fest Rewind: Eric Church @ Nissan Stadum

CMA Fest Rewind: Eric Church @ Nissan Stadum

Every time Eric Church takes the stage at CMA Fest it’s a memorable experience.

Though this time, things were a little bit different. Church hit the stage to perform various songs, mostly from his newest album, Misunderstood. While the set was full of his usual energy and incredible passion — there was something missing. Church stayed away from festival favorites like Drink in My Hand and Springsteen, and instead played a pretty laid back set. There was nary a reverberating rock moment to be had. Instead, he played Record Year and Mr. Misunderstood along with various other record tracks.

I haven’t seen Church in a while, so I’m unsure if this is the direction he’s been taking, but I do know the crowd wasn’t all that pleased. From where I was standing, numerous people were complaining that he didn’t play any of his hits, aka their favorite songs. It was one of the most interesting choices of the evening. Of course, this was likely a choice he made on purpose,. Some sort of veiled attempt to make a statement about the industry.

All of that being said, he is still a fantastic musician. He still puts on a hell of a show. But it wouldn’t kill him to play some of the songs that radio fans would love to hear. Mixed in with tracks that real fans would know and love.

Did you catch the set? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments.

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