Songwriter Tony Lucca goes back in time on “Sessions Vol 2: Muscle Shoals”

Songwriter Tony Lucca goes back in time on “Sessions Vol 2: Muscle Shoals”

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Tony Lucca is one of those surprising songwriters that knows how to light a fire in your heart.

It’s songwriters like Lucca that made me fall in love with music. With his new release, the songwriter takes a step back in time to a very special musical moment for him.  Tony Lucca: Sessions Vol 2: Muscle Shoals is a three track EP born from a day-long in Muscle Shoals, AL 10 years ago. Inspired by the musicians he met there and the historical significance, Sessions Vol 2 came to life.

The EP includes a simplistic cover of the Paul Simon tune Still Crazy After All These Years. The emotional track, Longing, a song which first appeared on Lucca’s album Canyon Songs, is also featured.  But it’s the still popular It’s You, one of the very first songs Lucca ever wrote, that will really tug at your heartstrings. If you thought it was impossible for that song to get better, this version will prove you wrong.

The writer, who calls Nashville home now, has had a long standing career as a musician. He has toured with artists like Kelly Clarkson, Maroon 5, and the ever incredible Sara Bareilles. Though his career has seen a multitude of ups-and-downs, one aspect has remained incredibly clear, his turn of phrase will continue to inspire listeners no matter how many more decades pass.

Be sure to pick-up Tony Lucca: Sessions Vol 2: Muscle Shoals on August 5th, 2016.

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