Weekend Spin: Songs that will make you feel crazy good

Weekend Spin: Songs that will make you feel crazy good

Where has the Weekend Spin been?

Hiding somewhere alongside my sanity and packed schedule. But, what better way to kick start some exciting new things with Jukbebox by bringing it back. I’ve been in a hermit hole for a couple of weeks, shifting through music, expanding my horizons. Those new things include ventures into different genres. I can’t say I’m altogether mad about it. On top of some great country albums (hellooo Margo Price, I see you), pop music is making a resurgence in my life as well. That being said, there’s a long list of great music that has come across my Spotify experiments, inbox, and twitter lately.

Check out a few of them below!


The Band Perry – Comeback Kid

Be honest, this isn’t a country song. But what it is, is a great song. My very first listen to this track almost had me in tears, if only for the sheer honesty alone. To me, great artists are one that take something they’ve experienced and put it into words in a way that almost anyone can relate to. This band has had some major ups and downs over the past year. From a confusingly failed single launch to parting ways with their label, there’s been alot of uncertainty for TBP. This song dives into those emotions and makes you feel like your heart is beating in your throat for them. Side note: the subtle throwback to If I Die Young is my FAVORITE.


gnash – i love u, i hate u

The DJ and producer seemingly came out of nowhere. While he has a number of albums on Spotify, my first experience with him has been this single, and it’s a phenomnal one. For someone that has never gravitated towards hip hop or even club music, this pulls you in. gnash has a talent for storytelling that’s not often present in this genre. His use of words, modern edge, and emotional landscape make for one addictive track. I say that being someone that has probably played it 100 million times out of the 251 million plays on the platform.



Jamestown Revival – Love is a Burden

JTR tap into everything that made their debut album, Utah, so special with this new track. A gritty atmospheric sound and the sense that you’re listening to a live record, making for an authentic musical experience. The trademark of the bad is to put the listener right there in front of them. Even if they’re only listening from their headphones. A rambling melody collides with a robust chorus, with layers of tamborine, guitar, and drums to guide both. Then, of course, the distinc Revival harmonies that make their music magic. You can feel the elation of the declaration in your bones.




Blackberry Smoke – Believe You Me

Fans of Blackberry Smoke don’t need to be sold on their incredible musicianship. Years of invigorating live performances have drawn the attention of Rolling Stone and The New York Times. That’s just naming a few. Their new song is an eclectic performance that combined their touchstone fiery rock with funk-inspired beats and soulful, earthshattering vocals. It’s the kind of track you’re gonna move to, whether you want to or not. It’s coming in hot, crafting an exciting look on what we can expect off their new album, Like An Arrow, out in October.


Jake Miller – Overnight

Miller is doing the Bieber thing with a lot less drama. His syrupy sweet dance-pop style is slick and romantic. On Overnight, his smooth as silk voice rolls over the banging beats and screaming synths, for a slow groove that’s designed to get listeners pumped up. While he’s not new to the pop scene, this is his the lead track off his new EP with Warner Music. Miller is one of those pop artists you’re going to be hearing a lot about, so take a listen and lose yourself in this new jam.


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