Add this to your playlist: 5 songs you need to hear now

Add this to your playlist: 5 songs you need to hear now

Jesse Ruben – This Is Why I Need You

I’ve been following Ruben’s career since my last foray in New York City, when my first listen to Bleeker and 6th had me hiding ugly tears in my hands in the back of dark venue downtown. It’s clear from the moment you hear his music that he’s a wordsmith, he finds detailed and intricate ways to tell a story that might fall dead on other lips. It’s the magic of musical storytelling, some people possess it and some people don’t, Ruben is the latter. Scared of America, is the point of view our generation is swimming in, spit out by a musician that’s fearless in his pursuit of telling the truth. It’s poignant, real, and relevant. Check out the song below.



Towne – Runnin’ Into You

By now, you all know how I feel about the female/male dynamic in music. That’s why listening to Towne’s Runnin’ Into You was immediately pulling at my heartstrings. The duo, comprised of Steevie Steeves and Jon Decious, bring to life the emotional struggle of trying to avoid the memories of a man you loved mixed with lush harmonies and a beautiful melody. It was enough to make me a fan. I’d heard about them around Nashville before this song came along, but if I have any say in anything, this won’t be the last time you hear about them on this site.




The Veronicas – On Your Side

Back in 2005 The Veronicas debut US album, The Secret Life of, was one of those in constant rotation on my mostly pop-infested CD player. They came on the scene just as the tides were turning in a bubblegum pop universe– shifting more urban, more serious, less about pretty melodies and more about overt sexuality atop hip-hop inspired beats. It was the moment in time I also gravitated away from pop music, and consequently, didn’t follow up with The Veronicas until now. The Australian born sisters still possess the power of pitch perfect harmonies and those radio ready melodies that caught my attention in the first place. Definitely take a listen to On Your Side.




JW Sargent – Constant

If you’re into atmospheric pop with ethereal qualities and ballad-like emotions, you’ll find all that and more on JW Sargent’s romantic Constant. The Philly-based artist has spent plenty of time as a musician playing for others, but this is his first foray into a solo project, with a distinct sound that sets him apart from other pop singer-songwriters currently on the scene. He taps into an understated sounds with ample emotion. And it’s beautiful. It’s one of those songs that sends layers of vocals crashing over you like a wave, pulling you in and out with an addictive ebb and flow that was designed to bring you to this other world. I loved it, so take a listen.  His debut EP, In Retrograde, set for November 18th.




Margo Price – Hands of Time

Everyone already loves Margo. She’s country music’s new saving grace. They come around once or twice a year, full of real words, real melodies, and something truly authentic in nature. That’s where Price is now, and with Hands of Time, it’s clear why. She’s telling stories that mean something and come from the real, every day struggles that the country music genre was built on. There’s a hint of old school Dolly Parton in the high flying second verse, hell, throughout most of the song. It’s an absolute music listen if you’re one of those people that constantly complain about the state of Country Music. Oh, and also, because it’s worthy of your ears.




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