Songs that get you: Caitlyn Smith’s “This Town Is Killing Me”

Songs that get you: Caitlyn Smith’s “This Town Is Killing Me”

Lately I’ve been sifting through songs that I didn’t have a chance to listen to as 2016 came to an end. Not surprisingly, the tail end of the year provided some truly beautiful pieces of music.

Caitlyn Smith’s This Town Is Killing Me is one of those. It’s a track for anyone that’s ever had a dream that turned out to be more of a nightmare. The fact that this song is specifically about Nashville made it even more impactful and personal for me. Smith’s voice is drained and hurt, while retaining every ounce of the softness and simplicity that she’s become known for. The honesty alone was enough to make this one of my favorite tracks on her 2016 release, Starfire.

The EP itself deserves a bright spotlight shining down on it. It’s simple, authentic, and absolutely stunning. But when it comes to finding a little piece of my soul in the music, This Town Is Killing Me dragged me in and spit me back out. I have to thank Smith for taking on a topic that so many musicians tend to shy away from. How a little city built on beautiful music and dreamers with stars in their eyes can also be the knife in your back.

Though this shouldn’t be surprising coming from Caitlyn Smith, a Nashville songwriter with a long line of artists knocking on her door to use her songs. It’s great to see her getting recognition in the form of her own voice.

Check out the track below and let me know what your favorite song on Starfire is.


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