Must Hear Now: Muna – “About U”

Must Hear Now: Muna – “About U”


The beauty of stepping away from a world you’ve been immersed in for years, is the elation you feel when you start discovering something unique and beautiful. That’s how I felt the very first time I heard Muna’s I Know A Place. Their new album, About U, is a perfectly atmospheric representation of where pop music is heading. It’s heady, flush with emotions and sensual visualization, while telling stories that can sink you like a ship. The Los Angeles band, comprised of Katie Gavin (lead vocals/production), Josette Maskin (lead guitar), and Naomi McPherson (rhythm guitar/synths/production) produce consistently emotive pop music that sits on the edge of modern while dipping toes into the past.

Every moment on this album is a high one. Whether you feel like you’re getting high or sinking into an emotional space that takes you to a higher place — each and every track takes you to a new space within yourself. Opening track, So Special, launches you into the world of Muna with a murky mid-tempo heartbreak. They can do feel good, pointed lyrics at the drop of a beat with tracks like I Know A Place and Loudspeaker. Or, they draw you deeper into your own inner thoughts with Crying On The Bathroom Floor and If U Love Me Now. There isn’t a single spectrum of emotion Muna don’t tap into. The introspection that seeps into every lyric is enough to leave you questioning your own journey. Both positive and negative.

Honestly, I’ve lost myself in these words for days at a time. Always finding something a little different. A little unique. So far, it’s definitely one of my favorite pop albums of the year. So, take a listen.


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