Now Playing: 4 tracks worthy of your ears

Now Playing: 4 tracks worthy of your ears

Here I am. I won’t give you a million excuses about my time away to reflect on my life. But I will say, its been beautiful. It has given me a new outlook. And with it, I’ve discovered some music I don’t know how I lived so long without. So, enjoy these tunes that have touched my heart and mind over the past few weeks.


Ruston Kelly – Black Magic

I wasn’t quite sure if anyone could ever sum up the way that love can feel when you’re lost on the losing side of it, but Kelly does that on this track. What starts as an echoing, subdued track morphs into something a little more, a little warmer, a little more energetic. But at the same time, the emotions are fading and hurting and absolutely imploding in on themselves. It’s one of those moments when you’re listening to music, and you just know that this person gets it, they get it all. The harrowing pain and the climactic highs.

The very first time I heard this I had to start it over, I had to soak in the words and lose myself in the feel of it. Ruston Kelly has been a songwriter that maybe you didn’t even know you were listening to, but it’s time to realize. It’s time to soak yourself in his words and feel understood. Trust me when I say, he has a way of making us all feel less alone, whether in love, loss, pain, or ecstasy. His new EP, Halloween, is out now.


Hugh Masterson – Lost + Found

If you don’t know Masterson, you should. Fans of emotional, deep diving musical experiences will want to wash themselves in his words. He scrubs you raw, exposing the nerve in all of us, the touch points that move us to the point of no return. A masterful songwriter that stands somewhere in the middle of folk and americana, he has an understanding of the human condition and the things that continue to plague each and every one of us. This track is only further proof of that.

With lyrics like, From now on I’m living like I’m dying, and I tried and tried and I ain’t gonna try no more — all of us can understand that turning point in our life where we wonder just how much more we can take. And you only want to explore it more when he wanders hopelessly into a psychedelic interlude that takes listeners to another atmosphere entirely. This is a theme that will apparently run rampant throughout his debut album of the same name, due out on June 2nd, 2017.




Civil Youth – Between Me & You

I’m going to be real with you. This track takes me back in time. To another point in time when I was a different person wandering through my own musical taste with an experimental nature. From the very first verse I get flashbacks of small, sweaty clubs somewhere between Newport Beach and San Diego, curled into the side of a stage while people moshed to Linkin Park. Before they were Linkin Park. Before they were playing arenas.

Philadelphia-based band, Civil Youth combine elements of alternative rock, urban rhythm, and meandering emotional pop to produce a track that is undeniably electric. The slap of the synth and the emotion turmoil within the vocals is a powerful representation of what it’s like to let go of someone you long to cling to. It’s different, but familiar enough that you need to click the repeat button to fully grasp why you’re holding onto it. Check out the video below.


Geowulf – Won’t Look Back

Lately, I’ve been into sweeping pop tracks that wrap me up in sounds and whispers until I can’t distinguish my own emotions from the ones dripping through layers of music. My Spotify playlist is full of these epic tracks, one right after the other, and each one hits me in a different way. Not surprisingly, the discovery of Won’t Look Back sucked me in with it’s 1980’s synths and gentle but reverberating chorus. It is telling you something, but it’s not hitting you over the head with it.

When I got past the music itself, it was overwhelming how the lyrics seemed to speak directly to me and the transitions in my life. All about the importance of welcoming the new and turning your back on the old, in an effort to invite positivity into your world. That’s a message I needed to hear. It’s a message I’ve been telling myself. And to hear it wrapped up in such phenomenal pop production only made my heart fly higher.



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