#WCW: The Mrs “Cravings” will make you want to dance

#WCW: The Mrs “Cravings” will make you want to dance

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From the vibrant horns to the wild snap-and-clap of the chorus, The Mrs new track Cravings is highly addictive. In fact, you can’t sit still when you listen. This Texas-based all female pop-rock band is hyper-focused on women’s empowerment and feel good vibes. Their sound reverberates and explodes on every track off their self-titled debut EP. Honestly, give me some girl power and a few distinctly creative harmonies and I’m guarantee to be on board. But there’s something really fun here, sprightly, even. There’s an energy of excitement mixed in with their desire for empowerment. It’s a track that has something to say, a female moment grounded in exuberance.

For me, it’s a reminder to all of us that everything we need to bring positivity to our lives steams from how we feel about ourselves. If we embrace the positivity around us, we can do anything.

In fact, founder and drummer Andra Liemandt expresses the mission of her all female, four piece pop rock band saying, “I began writing songs to connect with women like me — mothers who strive for a full life and want to have it all: personal relationships, careers, marriages and friendships. We want to experience a multitude of life experiences that aren’t often portrayed on mainstream radio. Soon, my personal project turned into a movement when I formed The Mrs, to help women see themselves in a more positive light and change the negative self-talk that happens when they look in the mirror.”

Be sure to check out their EP, out now, and click the play button below to hear their single, “Cravings.” It’s the perfect pick-me-up to this hump day.


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