Must Hear: Chris Stapleton, Anchor + Bell, & Marie Miller

Must Hear: Chris Stapleton, Anchor + Bell, & Marie Miller


Chris Stapleton – Without Your Love

He doesn’t need an introduction. Anyone who knows anything is aware of Chris Stapleton at this point. His highly anticipated sophomore album came out on May 5th, and people haven’t stopped talking about. It’s quintessential Stapleton. Gutsy, raw and overwhelmingly emotional. But the standout track for me came in the form of Without Your Love. Possessing that blusey undertone that frequents his sound, it drowns in a begging, hopeful plea that is equal parts heartbreaking and insistent. Honestly, the entire album is worth a listen or 12, but I’ve had this song on repeat on more than one occasion.


Anchor + Bell – Feels a Lot Like Love

I’ve had Anchor + Bell popping up on my radar a lot lately. Somehow, their music keeps appearing on my randomly selected Spotify playlists. But when this newer track popped up, I had to dive a little deeper. There’s something so understated about all of their tracks. The fluid, floating music seems to be background to their intermingled, heavenly vocals. As they meld into one another, trading one verse between them, it creates a magical moment that you want to lose yourself in. Their voices just work that perfectly together, transporting you to this effervescent, almost mystical place, where you never want the music to end. Click the play button below to hear the new track. And if you want a really good time, check out their Cover Sessions album on Spotify.



Marie Miller – Two to One

I’m just diving into Marie Miller’s new album, “Letterbox,” which came out late last month. But the reason for the deep dive is courtesy of this track, “Two to One.” The powerful, crashing chorus only grows more intense when you hear the passionate, breathlessness of Miller’s vocals. Honestly, one early morning grabbing the train in the subway, hearing this song as I came down the concrete steps, and I was hooked. Without even using lyrics to paint a full picture, she throws all of the emotions at you, and you just get it. This becomes less surprising when you learn that she pulls inspiration from literature. I have to say, it took just seconds to make me a fan, and I can’t wait to tell you more about this album soon.

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