NYC Beat: A look back at Tove Lo @ Irving Plaza

NYC Beat: A look back at Tove Lo @ Irving Plaza

On June 1st, Tove Lo took the stage at Irving Plaza. It was a crowd of people, not only ready to party, but ready to jump into Pride with the excitement and energy of a Tasmanian Devil. The room had an electric energy, packed from end to end with bodies, swaying and dancing in unison to the bombastic pop beats. Tove Lo finds a freedom and unapologetic attitude in her performances that it takes some artists a lifetime to come into. But at only 29, she possess the addictive confidence to be entirely herself.

With minimal chatter, she launched into all of her hits including Talking Body, Habits, and of course, Cool Girl.  The crowd wasted no time in singing along to all of their favorites, sometimes so loud that it drowned out the sound of the band itself. One thing is clear, Tove Lo is one of those pop stars that knows her audience, and caters to them, without sacrificing her own musical agenda.

I can’t remember the last time I lost myself in a pop show. Tove Lo was a reminder of what it is like to get lost in that feeling of freedom. Swept up in the dancing with strangers. While I couldn’t take my professional camera in, as I was there in a fan capacity, I did capture a few on my phone. The night was one that I won’t soon forget and that inspired me to dance my way back into the next pop show. Check them out below!






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