NYC BEAT: LÉON proves why she’s next at Billboard Up Next Showcase

NYC BEAT: LÉON proves why she’s next at Billboard Up Next Showcase

If you don’t know who Léon is, it’s about time you get on board.

Léon, the Swedish electropop artist, is quickly making her way into our hearts and charts. When she took the stage in New York for Billboard Magazine’s Next Up showcase at the W hotel, she made it clear why she was on their list. Beyond her captivating, sultry voice, she brings a warm, glittering charisma to the stage.

Her music is your quintessential girl-meets-boy, boy-fucks-with-girls mind style. But it comes with a few surprises. A player in the dance-pop game, her synthy melodies and banging beats give power to her strong, soulful vocals. Seriously folks. She’s like an upbeat version of Adele when she belts out over the rhythmic soundscape of her music.

But, it doesn’t stop at how much you want to move when you listen to songs like Thinking About You or Tired of Talking, she makes you feel like part of her tribe. Taking her shoes off when her feet start to hurt on stage. Promising that she’s more than just a heartbreak writer. Or her sheer excitement over having a glass of wine later, it feels like you’re having a party in your friend’s living room.

Almost unknowingly, I had Léon on a number of my commuter playlist. The show solidified why I was drawn to her witty style and unforgettable melodies, without knowing a damn thing about her.

Check out some photos from the showcase below. Have you heard her music? What you think?


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