Two Girls, One Night: Happenstance NYC  Adventures with Solo, Taiyaki & Monarch

Two Girls, One Night: Happenstance NYC Adventures with Solo, Taiyaki & Monarch


One thing I’ve come to learn about New York City is you never experience the same day twice. A few months ago, my good friend Maju and I began going out one night a week to hang out and take part in something fun. It took a couple weeks, but we started to notice how these nights morphed into something different. Where we made plans to go to dinner, dinner would turn into dancing in a whiskey bar or stare at the Empire state building from a rooftop. I started to realize the power of just letting go.

Letting go and allowing life to lead you exactly where it wants you to go. Some of these nights have been on the expensive side, and some, we walked away from not paying for anything at all. On some of these adventures, we met new people and on others, we gave up on crowded, hipster parties with long waits at the door. But at the end of every night, we felt magical.

The energy of the city seems to live in us in those moments. They became so special to me that I wanted to start sharing them. Just to showcase how one great moment can morph into another. How letting energy lead you, can turn into a night where your cheeks (and feet) hurt from laughing and walking. Born from a thirst for life and adventure, we’ve created a really special tradition that was purely happenstance.

Read on to hear more about one of our first magical nights.



6 PM I’m tired from getting back in from Portland the day before. My sleep schedule is all off, but I remember that I’ve RSVP’ed to this event and it has an open bar. I text Maju and she is immediately down. So, we meet just as the event kicks off around 6PM, glance at the beautiful buffet of food, and hightail it to the bar for these pineapple/champagne wonders of beauty.



7 PM We knock a couple of these back and catch-up with each other. We meet Rob, the lovely publicist throwing the event, and take a look at all the bags on display. Honestly, I’m not a big outdoorsy person. Nor do I fancy wearing a backpack. But I was blown away by the sturdiness and craftsmanship of these bags. They look high quality and feel even better. This was one of those events where I walked away knowing I’d forever have my eyes on this brand.

Taiyaki NYC

8:45 PM We grabbed one more round, and in an impromptu flip through Instagram, Maju discovered Taiyaki NYC’s Ice Cream Unicorn Fish. Seriously, she showed me a picture and it was all we could do not to jump in a cab to get there. But we didn’t, we walked (and Maju ate it on the sidewalk which you will come to find is her thing). We get there and, lord almighty, there is no line. We get our ice cream in record time and this tasty treat of pure sugar coma heaven WILL BLOW YOUR MIND.┬áIf you like unicorns and you like your taste buds, try this monster.




Monarch Rooftop

9:30 PM While we’re sitting there, I discover two drink tickets in the bottom of my purse for the Monarch Rooftop. And there we go, back uptown to have one more drink and possibly attend an 80’s party in Brooklyn. Until then, we sit at the bar chatting away, and just before we leave Maju pulls me outside to the deck and we stare up at The Empire State Building. Because, yes, we live in a perpetual episode of quality CW television and we relish this magic rooftop moments.



Our plan from there was to go to my hood (Brooklyn) to attend a super exclusive, invite only 80’s party. We swing by my place so I can change (because one of us is always cute while the other is always a mess, and I had to equal that out). Finally, we’re changed and out the door. But we get to this supposed “party” and everyone outside has been waiting for 30 minutes because it’s “at capacity.” Meanwhile, I’m looking around this crowd of twenty-somethings and get the distinct impression I’ve wandered into the Los Angeles-esque New York crowd. We take one look at each other and get in the car to go home for the night.

It didn’t end the way we planned. We certainly never even got a glimpse inside those party doors. But both of us had laughed so much we almost cried. And for that one moment, on a rooftop, it actually felt like we might own New York City.


Until next time, live your life the way that only you know how.

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