Pilgrimage Festival: The Blackfoot Gypsies get real about Nashville and the reason they breathe music

Pilgrimage Festival got a special treat in the form of The Blackfoot Gypsies on Saturday, September 24th. The band, which we’ve highlighted a number of times, brought their eclectic mix of rock n’ roll vocals, blues jives, and alternative country … Continued

Pilgrimage Festival: The Suffers talk building a great team and the resurgence of traditional music

Pilgrimage Festival hosted one of the fastest rising bands of 2016 on Sunday, September 25th, The Suffers. Consisting of curator and bassist Adam Castaneda, vocalist/keyboardist Pat Kelly, trumpet player Jon Durbin, trombonist Michael Razo, guitarist Kevin Bernier, percussionist Jose “Chapy” Luna, drummer/vocalist Nick Zamora, Jazz saxophonist Cory Wilson and guitarist/vocalist Alex Zamora, and last … Continued

CMA Fest Rewind: Sister C bring their perfect harmonies to the Hard Rock Stage (INTERVIEW)

CMA Fest is known for putting a spotlight on up-and-coming acts the same way it does on established artists. Lucky for us, Sister C got to share in a little bit of that spotlight this year. On June 10th, the three sisters … Continued

Get to know country music’s newest powerhouse Brooke Eden & “Daddy’s Money”

Brooke Eden brings attitude and sass to her debut single, “Daddy’s Money.” The gritty, frenzied and energetic track is an auto-biographical story that outlines her journey to Nashville and the hard work it took to get where she is today. It’s clearly striking … Continued

Katie Armiger says “You CAN make it with integrity and good music” amid label battle

When women get the courage to stand up for themselves, the world has two reactions. They immediately place blame and call them out for being troublemakers, or they rally around them, supporting what they’ve been through and trying to help guide them … Continued

Dianna Corcoran brings her unique sound to the US on “In America” debut album

  On January 29th, Australian artist Dianna Corcoran released her first album to an American audience. The album, In America, is a lesson in storytelling in which Corcoran dives deep into the experiences of her life to tell heartfelt, emotional, … Continued

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