Get to know Sarahbeth Taite & her old-school 90’s vibes

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  Singer/Songwriter, Sarahbeth Taite, is an artist that prides herself on immersing real life experiences into every moment of her music. A master at taking little moments in life and crafting them into beautifully melodic storytelling, she’s been writing since she … Continued

Motivational Monday: Get Your Week Going with These Tracks!

  JB & The Moonshine Band – Mixtape If you want to throw it back to those days of mixtape making love, this feel good song will take you right there. These guys just released their brand new album, Mixtape, … Continued

Motivational Monday: Brian James & The Revival will electrify your Monday.

Better late than never. That’s what they always say, right? I had a little bit of a tooth issue this weekend which left me annoyed, frustrated and bed ridden most of yesterday. Factor in a full day of work, and … Continued

Music Monday: 5 Songs To Start Your Week Off Right

There has been a distinct lack of updates over the past week, and I apologize for that, there was some craziness happening in my life that will hopefully be resolved by the end of the day today. In the meantime, … Continued

New Music Tuesday: 5 New Songs You Need to Hear

There’s nothing like a really good New Music Tuesday, amiright? This one definitely stands out as one of the best. Almost like it was made for me (look at the harmonies!), full of some great new songs we’re sure to … Continued